Sunday, August 16, 2009

for someonee.. ♥

okay so shachi* you wnted me to write here it is.

hiiii.i'm talk on the phone with jesus** too much.
bye now.
maybe i'll write something later.

*for all of you who dont know, shachi is my older sisterrr.shes 2O.
**no,i dont mean jesus as in jesus christ,you losers. he's this dude that my sister talks to. alot. and he's probably going to read this because my sister told him to. how well do i know her?lol.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Peek Inside My Closet.. ♥

So alot of people on Polyvore were asking what kind of clothes are in my closet..So i decided to make a post about it..Here are just some of my favorite things i have;;

Skinny jeans..I love skinny jeans!I have countless pairs of them!I usually go to Delia's for them,since theyre always buy one get one 50% off..!

Tshirts..white,black,navy,yellow,turqoise,and more!I love to wear tshirts wnder cardigans with a belt,or with skinny jeans!Theyre super comfy&cute..And that brings me to...

Cardigans..i have so many!Grey,black,brown,ect!They go with any and every outfit!

Babydoll Tanks..theyre so cute and i love them!Aeropostale,Abercrombie,Hollister,and many more stores have them!I ussually get mine from Aeropostale though (:

Dark Nail Polish..dark blue or dark purple..i loveee that color!if you go to forever 21,theyre only 3 bucks!

Converses..ive had them for a long time now,and im still loving them!I got black so i can wear them with anything!You can also design your own at !

Moccasins..brown is the key color!But you can also get black,blue,pink,and even purple!I have dark brown ones,from Rack Room Shoes!

Sandles..i mean gladiator sandles,and thong sandles..I have silver thong sandles from Old Navy and i loveee them!You can dress them up, or down..!

Some stores i love;;

Aeropostale..they have all sizes,from xs to xxl!Their tshirts are cheap and cute,and i love their tanks/cami's!

Delia's..their jeans are a bit pricey,but i love them!I have like 5 pairs of skinny jeans from there!And plus theyre always buy one get one 50% off!

Abercrombie..their tanks&camis are really pretty!I love them!

Hollister..ahh i love that their tops(:

Forever 21..i dont really shop there,but they have the best accecories (: like,i got nailpolish for only 3 bucks!

And that would be it.. (:
If you have any comments or opinions please comment (:

001.A New Wardrobe.. ♥

Im gonna start doing tips on heree..

So heres my first one;;

A New Wardrobe..

01.When youre shopping for clothes,you should definately wear something you love,and know you look good in!People who dress blah,or crappy when they go shopping tend to buy unneccasary things (:

o2.Next time you go shopping,bring a friend..When you try on clothes,come out and show her..That way you know if you would be comfortable wearing it infront of people..Tell her to rate it from 1-10,10 being the best..If she gives a good score,think to i really need this?How many times am i actually going to wear this?What can i wear with this?Ect..

03.If youre shopping for jeans,before going into the dressing room take one size bigger, one smaller,and your size.That way,you(or your friend) dont have to keep running out to get a different size.

o4.Here are some 'Must Haves' for your wardrobe..If you dont have any of these,the next time you go shopping buy them..They could go with anything!

White T-Shirt...i got mine from aeropostale,there only $10!

Skinny Jeans...theyre cute,and would go with anything!I go to delia's,theyre always buy one get one 50% off!

Ballet should get black,white or maybe brown..That way you dont need to get 10 different pairs to match each,white,and brown go with most things!

Babydoll Top...adorableee!They would look good on anyone,and go with almost anything!Abercrombie ha cute ones!

Cardigan...since most schools dont allow just tank tops,and if you wanna wear one to school,if you have a cardigan you can throw one over it!Add a cute belt to make a nice outfit (:

Well thats it for now..Check back later,and i might have added more!

i got a blog on heree (:

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