Friday, October 9, 2009

How to: Braided Bangs Hairstyle.

So im gonna do a tutorial on this really cute braid hairsyle.
I have pictures at the bottom so look at that..its not the best,i couldn't get a good angle.

So, You'll Need;
- Straightner (maybe)
- Heat Protectant
- Hair Brush
- Bobby Pins
- Straightning Serum
- No-Frizz Spray

O1. If your hair isnt already straightened, then straighten it..make sure to use heat tamer if you do!(:
O2. Brush through your hair so there are no knots,then smooth some straighting serum into your hair. Brush again.
O3. Make a side part.
O4. Take your bangs and some bigger pieces and start a braid..not a french braid,but a braid. Be sure to braid back so it isnt messed up. You can do your braid all the way back, but i like to do mine about 1/3 the way.
O5. When youre done with the braid, take a bobby pin and secure it. If you need more than one to make sure it'll stay, make an x with another bobby pin.
O6. Spray no-frizz spray all through out your hair to make sure it doesnt frizz.
O7. Have fun with this cute look(:

Hope you liked,