Sunday, September 27, 2009

Back to School Must Haves.. ♥

Back to School Must Haves ♥

♥ Flowy Tops- i love them! theyre supercute(: forever 21,abercrombie,aeropostale,and alot more places have them..i personally like forever 21's the best..superr cute!

♥ Skinny Jeans- theyre my fave(: i have a bunch of them.. i LOVE forever 21's&delia's..pacsun also has some cute ones..but forever 21 is the cheapest,you can get a pair for like 12 bucks!

♥ Floral Dresses- lol,they sound summery,but theyre really cute for fall! i would wear one with a cardigan&flats (:

♥ Cardigans- i love them. end of story. lol(: i have one in brown,black,&grey.very cutee.♥

♥ Plain Tshirts&Sweaters- i have like a million of plain tshirts&sweaters..they go with anything& would be super cutee with skinny jeans&a scarf (:

♥ Necklaces- i lovee them(: i have SO much of them(: forever 21 has cute ones(: you can find alot of nice stuff from there..

♥ Bracelets&Earrings- i dont really wear earrings that much but you can wear them(: a bunch of bangles with a ribbon would be really cute(:

♥ Shoes- i love alotof shoes so i didnt wanna make a new '♥' for each one of i rreally love black flats,uggs,converse,sandles,and stuff(: black flats go with almost anything&theyre real cutee.. and ssandles,i mean like these;;|womens%20shoes|womens%20sandals|all%20sandals| &|womens%20shoes|womens%20sandals|all%20sandals| .. theyre really cute(: for boots,i really like dont have to get those,but i think theyre cutee(: steve madden has some REALLY cute shoes.i love all of them. so if your looking for good shoes go there(:

♥ Scarves- i like ones from forever 21&pacsun,but delia's,abercrombie,hollister,&american eagle have cute ones too(: they go with anythinggg!so get one(:

♥ Nailpolish- you dont always hafta have it on,but its always a cute accesorie(: navy blue/dark blue,coral,purple,and any shade of pink are really cool colors for now(:

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


heyy guys..

sorry i havent done anything in a whilee..busy(:
i promise i'll do a tip or something really cool soon.


Sunday, September 6, 2009

OO2. Hairtyles ♥

♥ Low Messy Side-Bun(:
-; Flat Iron ( Chi )
-; Heat Protectant ( TRESemme Heat Tamer Spray )
-; Hair Elastics ( Any. I use dark brown bec
ause my hair is dark brown )
-; Bobby Pins ( Any. I use black ones )

For the best results you should shampoo,blowdry&straighten your hair..remember to use a heat protectant(: you dont wanna fry your hair.. After you straighten your hair,gather it into a low side,ish pony tail,leaving your bangs out(:
Twist your hair into a circular bun,and take bottom of your bun and pull it through the bun. Then, securee your bun with a hair tie.
You can pull it a little bit for more volume it would look cutee(:

♥ Lauren Conrad Braided Look
-; Smoothing Serum ( Garnier Fructis Anti Frizz Sleek & ShineSerum )
-; Hair Brush ( Any )
-; Bobby Pin(s) ( Any )
-; Spray On Shine Spray ( Hask PURE Shine Spray- On Luminator)

You also might wanna straighten your hair for this woould look best straight(:
Brush you hair down,so its how you like it..Smooth some smoothing serum into your hair,mostly on the ends.Make a really deep side part, then take about,two fingers of hair,including your bangs and start a french braid.When your done with your braid,take a bobby pin and pin it down..Lastly, spray on a shine spray and youre done(:

♥ Volumized Side Pony
-; Hair Elastics ( Any )
-; Bobby Pins ( Any )

Make a loose ponytail,kind of making it to the side..Not 80s to the side,but to the side so someone standing straight infront of you can see it(if you have sidebangs[like i do] then i would put it opposite of your bangs).
Then open up your ponytail,and stick a bobby pin straight down into the ponytail. You can pull it so its tight,and this hairstyle is very fun looking(:

♥ Cute Side Braid
-; Hair Elastics ( Any )
-; Spray On Shine Spray ( Hask PURE Shine Spray- On Luminator)

This is a very simple and easy hairstyle(: You dont have to starighten your hair, your natrual hair would also look good. First,just bring all your hair onto one side,and start a braid on the side. After youre done with the braid, take an elastic and secure your braid. You may want to leave your bangs out(if you have them,i do), or you could twist them back. (: Again, spray on your shine spray.

♥ Sleek and Straight
-; Spray On Shine Spray ( Hask PURE Shine Spray- On Luminator)
-; Flat Iron ( Chi- but you can use any )
-; Heat Protectant ( TRESemme Heat Tame Spray )
-; Spray On Shine Spray ( Hask PURE Shine Spray- On Luminator)
-; Hair Brush ( Any )
-; Bobby Pins ( Any )

I wear my hair down a lot. Before you start, plug in your flat iron. While its heating up, spray on some heat protectant. i use TRESemme. After spraying it on, brush through your hair. Start straighting your hair. When you are done, you can either:
-Leave your bangs out(i have them,so yeah).
its cute,and simple. I do it atleast 2 times a week!
-Or, twist your bangs back. Start with a small piece of your bangs,and as you work your way back,grab more pieces. I love this look(:
-Or,braid your bangs back. I do this atleast once a week, and i love it! Dont do a french braid,just a regular. Take your bangs and some longer pieces,and do a braid back. When your done, secure with bobby pins(:
For all of them, spray a shine spray when youre done.

♥ Half Up Half Down
-; Hair Brush ( Any )
-; Clip or Elastic ( Any )
-; Spray On Shine Spray ( Hask PURE Shine Spray- On Luminator)

I think everyone knows how to do this, but whatever(: This hairstyle would look great either curly,wavy,or straight(: First, brush your hair out.Starting from your crown, take the upper layer or upper part of your hair,and pull it back with a clip or elastic. I think a clip would look less childish and cuter(: Spray some shine spray & youre good to go(:

♥ Cute Curls
-; Curler ( Any )
-; Heat Protectant ( TRESemme Heat Tamer Spray )
-; Spray On Shine Spray ( Hask PURE Shine Spray- On Luminator)
-; Hairspray ( Pantene PRO- V Hairspray )

I did this hairstyle today&i think its really cute&girly. Plug in&turn on your curler. Apply a heat protectant. Section off your hair into as many sections as you want. I ussually do small, ones, so i have alot. After your curling iron is heated you may start curling. Hold the curling iron vertically, and curl small sections at a time. Spray each curl with hairspray so they stay. Then, take your bangs and twist them back and secure with a bobby- pin. You may want to do another spray of hairspray.

you likee? i hope.♥

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Haul: Hollister&Claire's.

So my birthday passed recently..well it was on august 2Oth,so yeah..And i got a Claire's giftcard for $20,so i decided to spend it.
I got 4 necklaces,3 pairs of earrings,a bracelet,a necklace for my best friend,and a necklace for my sister.
And i also went to hollister.
I dont go there alot so yeah..I got 2 tops,both were navy.
Kaee so here are the Picturess(: