Saturday, November 28, 2009

tip OO5; school makeup bag essentials

okaee. so alot of you who bring makeup to school bring unneccasary things,, like all the makeup you wore everyday. i personally dont think you need to bring your whole eyeshaddow quad or whateverr.. because theres no need to touch it up. it usually stays on. so yeah(:

choosing your makeup bag;
- pick a small one. you dont need a huge, giant bag that you have to lug aroundd all day.

what to bring;
- something thats gonna brighten up your eyes, like a shadestick. to put in the inner corner of your eyes, in the middle of the day if you looks tired.

- mascara. definatelyy! bring black, or brown. you dont need to bring the full size one, bring a sample or a mini. if you dont have any, go to a MAC counter or sephora, or even ulta. ask for samples(: they give you loads of samples(:. i use define a lash by maybelline in the green tube. its amazing(:

- mini eyeliners. again, bring samples or mini eyeliners. dont bring liquid eyelinerrs! pencil. i like urban decay& maybelline.

- chap stick. you definatelyyy need one! to keep your lips soft(: i always put a chap stick under m lipgloss or lipstick. burts bee's is nice.

- nude gloss.. or a light pink. always put chapstick on first, to prevent your lips from getting chapped. shiny things, in this case, your lipgloss, attract sunlight. then your lips get superr chapped and you dont want that to happen.

- concealer. maybe to touch up through out the day if you have any blemishes or suchh. i dont use/ need it, but if you need it then definately keep one with you.

- deodorant.. self explanitory.

- hand sanitizer. to keep your hands nice&clean. with all thesee sicknesses going around, you need hand sanitizer. i heard that after applying it 3 times, the next time, just wash your hands.

- mini perfume samples. maybe for after pe/ athletics. for 7th grade (athletics), its 7th period& for 8th grade(athletics) its 1st period.. so maybe you might wanna spritz it on your neck, wrists, and on your body.

- small mirror. again, self explanitory(:

- a few hair ties, and bobby pins. you neverr know when you'll need them. its always good to keep them with you.

thats it, for mee(:
i keep my makeup bag in my locker,. then take it to athletics withh me. in my athletics locker, i keep a hair brush, a body spray, and ofcourse my clothes/ shoes.
i hope you enjoyedd this tip.(:

Friday, November 27, 2009

my makeup routine.

this has been requested.

my makeup routine.
i use;
- maybelline quad in sunlit bronze
- elf brushes
- maybelline define a lash waterproof mascara
- avon glimmersticks waterproof eyeliner in blackest night or chocolate brown
- nuetrogena healthy defense daily moisturizer
- covergirl power
- nars blush in dolce vita
- loreal bare naturale lip conditioner in soft peach or soft petal.
- a chapstick. any.

O1. first, i cleanse my face with clean& clear morning burst& pat dry.

O2. i apply my nuetrogena healthy defence daily moisturizer.

O3. i apply my covergirl power with a power brush.

O4. now for the fun part.. eyes(: i use my maybelline quad in sunlit bronze. first, i apply the lid color with an eyeshadow brush. then the crease color, and the highlight. for school, i dont use the outer corner color.

O5. i use avon glimmersticks waterproof eyeliner in blackest night or chocolate brown to my waterline. i switch off(:

O6. then, i apply one or two coats of maybelline define a lash waterproof mascara to my lashes.

O7. blushh time(: ahah. i take a blush brush, and apply my nars blush in dolce vita to my cheeks by smilingg.

O7. i finish off the look with a lipgloss. but first, i apply a chapstick. then i apply my loreal bare naturale lip conditioner (its a gloss) to my lips. i either use soft peach or soft petal.

&thats it(:
ofcourse, sometimes i may use a different eyeliner or mascara, or lipgloss, or blush. but this is mainly what i use as my everyday makeup routine(:
i hope youu enjoyed(:

tip OO4; fall(&winter) fashions.

fall fashions.♥
here are some things that are really in(:
-; bombers. i lovee these&i want onee! theyre really cute, and versatile. you can pair one with a white flowy tank, skinny jeans, and suede boots.try basic colors like black, dark green, or brown(: delias have some really cute ones,but you can get one anywhere.
example/. ;

-; peacoats. these are also reeally in for fall. i might get one(: there nice&warm if you live in the cold. or anywhere,lol(: you can wear it with boots&skinnies(: ones from american eagle&delias are adorablee. there are two styles; cropped, normal, or long. i like all(:
example/. ;

-; suede boots. i have a grey pair. there soo cutee! the steve maddens are soo cutee! i love these. you can pretty much wear them any way. tucked into skinnies, a flowy tank, and a long sleeved cardi.stick to neutrals, like grey, black, or brown(:
example/.|womens%20shoes|womens%20fall%20trends|suedes| ;,target_com_age,target_com_gender-bin,target_com_character-bin,price,target_com_primary_color-bin,target_com_size-bin,target_com_brand-bin&refinementHistory=target_com_primary_color-bin,subjectbin,target_com_age,target_com_gender-bin,target_com_character-bin,price,target_com_size-bin,target_com_brand-bin&searchNodeID=1038576&field_launch-date=-1y&searchRank=relevancerank&searchPage=1&field_keywords=suede%20boots (the ones i have. i swear,they look better in person. they look EXACTLY like the steves.(:!)

-; uggs. there arre so many styles! the classics, cardis, ect. i love both of them(: you can get short,medium,or long. i like short or medium but thats just mee. again, do neutrals like chocolate, chestnut, black, ect. you can wear them any wayy!(:
example/. ;

-; cardigans. i have alot(: you should get brown, black, grey, or even plum or dark blue. i have black, brown, &grey. even the vest cardis are cutee(: you can get them like anywhere, abercrombie, delias, ae, or even target. how you can wear them; any way! with bootcut jeans,a tanktop,&flats or with skinnies and boots.there are many more ways(:
example/. ;

-; skinnies. ive talked bout these alot,enough said. i think you know what they look like. you can get them at delias(where i do,plus there always bogo 5O% off),pacsun,hollister,ae,a&f,ect(:

-; flowy camis.again,these are really in for fall. i have a bunch of thesee! there really cute(: you can pair one with a cardi,skinnies,and some cute accesories(: also, you can tuck one into a high waisted skirt and poof it out a little bit. these are found anywheree, like hollister, abercrmbie, aero, forever 21, ect!(:
examples/. ;

-; tees/boyfriend tees.i love these&i have alot. you def. need a white vneck/whatver neckline tee. and a grey one. these are basics(: also,boyfriend tees. these are real cute,and i want one or two. i saw one at hollister and kohls. the pocket makes it looks cute(: how to wear it..with skinnies&flats, or jeans&boots..any way!you can get one pretty much anywheree.. nordstorm, pacsun, delias, hollister, kohls, ect. or a boyfriend tank.samee(:
examples/. ; ; ;

-; high waisted skirts. im sure youve seen people wear them,and in stores. forever 21 has adorablee ones! and american eagle. love thesee(: i love to tuck thsirts/tanks into thesee(: cuttee!(:
example/. ;

yeeahh.i have more,but i dont feel like writing aall of themm.lazy :p . well onto the next part(:

must haves;
- tshirts
- lace.
- skinnies
- bootcut jeans
- bomber jacket or a peacoat
- suede boots
- layering tanks
- rings!

- ugg style boots
- cardigans.
- long sleeved shirts
- sweaters.vneck or scoop.
- high waisted skirt/or dress.
- blazer.
- racerback tank.
- flowy camis.
- ballet flats
- thong sandals.
- cute tops/cami's
- licenced tee
- PLAID! days of the week(:

- monday.
a long sleeved cardi(dark brown), a flowy tank(cream), white/light colored belt(put over cardi), dark wash skinnies, dark brown suede boots. this is a really cute outfit&i love it. you can change any of the colors, thats just what i suggested.(: or instead or suede boots, you can do uggs(: for jewelry, add a long vintage necklace.

- tuesday.
do a simple vneck(white), little gold necklace, bootcut jeans(ink rinse), brown moccasins. you can also change up the shoes to ballet flats or something(: add some cute earrings,or studs(:
optional- you can add a vest cardi,and ditch the colored flats instead.

- wedensday.
change it up a bit. a high waisted skirt(floral?), and a white tee tucked in. add a belt. thong sandals will be real cute(: dont go overboard on the accessories, just do a small necklace and maybe detailed earrings?(: add a cute bow headband.

- thursday.
skinny jeans.(: boyfriend tee,striped ( shoes,add white vans(,or thong sandals.actually,you can do anything. since the top is striped, dont do any necklaces. maybe a pair of cute earrings(:

- friday.
casualll. do a licensed tee/any random tee or a baseball shirt. wear medium blue skinnies and fold them up two times. converse,or white vans will make the look versitile(:

- saturday.
partyy!ahahaa jk. but,you can do a fun outfit if your going somewhere. wear dark wash skinnies, a tight white/cream-y waffle knit tank with an army green one under, and add a bomber,brown,or army green. then do suede boots. it depends what color bomber you yeaah. brown,black,grey,ect! add a simple necklace&a flower ring(:

- sunday.
do a simple comfy but cute outfit(:
add a cute cami,with design.(: i suggest one from forever 21 or hollister / abercromie.(: add a cardi,long sleeved if cold and 3/4 if warm-ishh. you can also roll up the sleevs,for a very versatile look. then put on a pair of comfy jeans and add ballet flats. you can accessorize with some rings&cute dangly earrings.(:

i hope you enjoyed this,i worked hard on it.♥

tip OO3; nuetral makeup.

kaee(: so for this tip, im gonna be guiding you through a few neutral makeup looks, for school.. or anywhere. it'll be using mostly the same things(:

you'll need;
♥. a shimmery neutrals quad. (i use the maybelline quad in sunlit bronze 5O. you can get this at ulta, target, cvs, ect.)- shown in set.
♥. black mascara. (maybelline define a lash in the green tube, in very black. you can get this at drugstores.)
♥. dark brown eyeliner. ( avon kohl eyeliner in black/brown. you can get this at
♥. eyelid primer. (urban decay eyelid primer. you can get this is ulta or sephora.)
♥. brushes. (shader brush, highlighter, blush brush, crease brush. you can get these at drugstores, ulta, mac, sephora,, anywhere.)
♥. a peach with shimmer blush. ( nars blush in deep throat. you can get this at sephora.)-
♥. chaptsick.
♥. nude gloss. (loreal bare naturale lip conditioner in soft peach. you can get this at drugstores or ulta.)

i know that seems like a lot, but you'll need it all.
you dont have to have the exact items.. there are cheaper alternatives(:


O1. take your primer and prime the eye. a little bit is all you need. be sure to put a little bit under the eye too(:

O2. from your quad, take the 2nd lightest color and sweep it all over the lid. then, take the 2nd darkest color and use windsheild wiper motion to put it in your crease. pat some on your outer corner too and blend. next, take the highlighter color, which is the lightest color, and sweep it on your browbone.. this is right under your eyebrow. last, take the darkest color and at it in your outer corners. blend.

O3. apply yourblack/brown pencil eyeliner to your lower lashline. then, do a really really thin line onyour upper lashline.

O4. take your black/brown mascara and do a coat of mascara on your lashes. one coat is all i need, but you may need more.

O5. next, take your blush and pat some onto the brush. tap it to take any excess off. then, apply it to the apples of your cheeks by smiling, and work it up to your temples.

O6. time for gloss. first, take your chapstick and prep your lips. this helps your lips from getting chapped. then take your nude gloss, and apply it to your lips.

O7. youre done! enjoy(:

i hope you liked thiss tutorial. if you want me to do more, request below(:

christmas wishlist!

wishlist.♥ by rachnaaa. on


-♥; clothes. i want alot of clothes.bahahaa.
- some cutee tops(:
- a pair of pajama pants.
- metallic ballet flats with a bow on the toe (in white.)
i ussually get mostly but yeeah.i want clothes.
(: aeropostale, hollister, abercrmbiee, forever 21, charlotte russe, delia's, &nordstromm..

-♥; makeup. in my stocking(: ahahh.
pretty much anythingg(: i want to expand my makeup collection(;
(: maybelline, sephoraa stuff, elf, revlon, covergirl, nyc, loreal, ectt.

-♥; perfumeee. i want this one called glamourized by flirt. it smeells real nice(: also any otheeer. or i wantt a bottle of dkny be delicious green apple. it smells soo good!(:

-♥; a laptop. likee, this is the thing i want moossst! pleease, dad(: ahah. one with a webcam, preferably, but ill take anything(:

-♥; anything else. my mom usually getss me somee stuff i didnt know about. ahah. she goes withh my sisterr, whos 21, to shop for me. my sisterr has good tastee. aaha.

whaat are you asking for?(:

dress like; ashley tisdale(:

dress like; ashley tisdale(:
dress like; ashley tisdale(: by rachnaaa. featuring Giuseppe Zanotti shoes

kaay(: i love ashleys style. &i love her as a brunette. hah. i'll be doing alot of these tonight, if you guys like them(: lets get started.
i'll be doing her makeup, hair,&outfit.

you dont have to have these exact items, they're just similar or exact to what ashley's wearing. the key pieces in this outfit are the ripped jeans, the black leather jacket, and the open toe booties. you can add any flowy white tank, and a long gold necklace. if you dont like to wear booties, maybe wear converse, or something to make the outfit your own.

exact jeans:

ashley's hair has nice, bouncy curls. part your hair to the side, like ashley's. then, apply a heat protectant. heat up a 1" curling iron, and start curling vertically. curl one way, then another, so the look looks natural. after every few curls, spritz some hairspray. after your done curling, your hair should look something like this(:

oh!&tell me if you like ashley better as a blonde or brunette. i like brunette(:

the funnn part(: ahah. ashley has a sun- kissed tan to her body& face, so if you dont have tan skin, then apply bronzer to your face. she has esspecially bronze cheeks, so intensify the bronzer on your cheeks. eyes. ashley usually does a nuetral eye, so thats what you want to do. first, pat a shimmery tan/ light brown eyeshadow all over your lid. then, take a shimmery bronzey color, and apply that to your crease. use a matte highlight color, a light light tan, or something that matches your skintone to highlight your browbone. now, take a dark brown pencil eyeliner, and line your upper lashline, focusing more on the outer corners. now, mascara! you can use either a brown, dark brown, or black mascara, it just depends on your hair color. if youre a brunette, or have dark hair, then i suggest dark brown or black. but if you're a blonde, maybe just brown. but its up to you. okay, so now its time to do the lips. first, apply a nude lipstick to your lips. then, take a nude/ light pink gloss to make it a polished look. youre done!

hopee you enjoyed. if you want me to do more, please comment below(:

Friday, October 9, 2009

How to: Braided Bangs Hairstyle.

So im gonna do a tutorial on this really cute braid hairsyle.
I have pictures at the bottom so look at that..its not the best,i couldn't get a good angle.

So, You'll Need;
- Straightner (maybe)
- Heat Protectant
- Hair Brush
- Bobby Pins
- Straightning Serum
- No-Frizz Spray

O1. If your hair isnt already straightened, then straighten it..make sure to use heat tamer if you do!(:
O2. Brush through your hair so there are no knots,then smooth some straighting serum into your hair. Brush again.
O3. Make a side part.
O4. Take your bangs and some bigger pieces and start a braid..not a french braid,but a braid. Be sure to braid back so it isnt messed up. You can do your braid all the way back, but i like to do mine about 1/3 the way.
O5. When youre done with the braid, take a bobby pin and secure it. If you need more than one to make sure it'll stay, make an x with another bobby pin.
O6. Spray no-frizz spray all through out your hair to make sure it doesnt frizz.
O7. Have fun with this cute look(:

Hope you liked,

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Back to School Must Haves.. ♥

Back to School Must Haves ♥

♥ Flowy Tops- i love them! theyre supercute(: forever 21,abercrombie,aeropostale,and alot more places have them..i personally like forever 21's the best..superr cute!

♥ Skinny Jeans- theyre my fave(: i have a bunch of them.. i LOVE forever 21's&delia's..pacsun also has some cute ones..but forever 21 is the cheapest,you can get a pair for like 12 bucks!

♥ Floral Dresses- lol,they sound summery,but theyre really cute for fall! i would wear one with a cardigan&flats (:

♥ Cardigans- i love them. end of story. lol(: i have one in brown,black,&grey.very cutee.♥

♥ Plain Tshirts&Sweaters- i have like a million of plain tshirts&sweaters..they go with anything& would be super cutee with skinny jeans&a scarf (:

♥ Necklaces- i lovee them(: i have SO much of them(: forever 21 has cute ones(: you can find alot of nice stuff from there..

♥ Bracelets&Earrings- i dont really wear earrings that much but you can wear them(: a bunch of bangles with a ribbon would be really cute(:

♥ Shoes- i love alotof shoes so i didnt wanna make a new '♥' for each one of i rreally love black flats,uggs,converse,sandles,and stuff(: black flats go with almost anything&theyre real cutee.. and ssandles,i mean like these;;|womens%20shoes|womens%20sandals|all%20sandals| &|womens%20shoes|womens%20sandals|all%20sandals| .. theyre really cute(: for boots,i really like dont have to get those,but i think theyre cutee(: steve madden has some REALLY cute shoes.i love all of them. so if your looking for good shoes go there(:

♥ Scarves- i like ones from forever 21&pacsun,but delia's,abercrombie,hollister,&american eagle have cute ones too(: they go with anythinggg!so get one(:

♥ Nailpolish- you dont always hafta have it on,but its always a cute accesorie(: navy blue/dark blue,coral,purple,and any shade of pink are really cool colors for now(:

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


heyy guys..

sorry i havent done anything in a whilee..busy(:
i promise i'll do a tip or something really cool soon.


Sunday, September 6, 2009

OO2. Hairtyles ♥

♥ Low Messy Side-Bun(:
-; Flat Iron ( Chi )
-; Heat Protectant ( TRESemme Heat Tamer Spray )
-; Hair Elastics ( Any. I use dark brown bec
ause my hair is dark brown )
-; Bobby Pins ( Any. I use black ones )

For the best results you should shampoo,blowdry&straighten your hair..remember to use a heat protectant(: you dont wanna fry your hair.. After you straighten your hair,gather it into a low side,ish pony tail,leaving your bangs out(:
Twist your hair into a circular bun,and take bottom of your bun and pull it through the bun. Then, securee your bun with a hair tie.
You can pull it a little bit for more volume it would look cutee(:

♥ Lauren Conrad Braided Look
-; Smoothing Serum ( Garnier Fructis Anti Frizz Sleek & ShineSerum )
-; Hair Brush ( Any )
-; Bobby Pin(s) ( Any )
-; Spray On Shine Spray ( Hask PURE Shine Spray- On Luminator)

You also might wanna straighten your hair for this woould look best straight(:
Brush you hair down,so its how you like it..Smooth some smoothing serum into your hair,mostly on the ends.Make a really deep side part, then take about,two fingers of hair,including your bangs and start a french braid.When your done with your braid,take a bobby pin and pin it down..Lastly, spray on a shine spray and youre done(:

♥ Volumized Side Pony
-; Hair Elastics ( Any )
-; Bobby Pins ( Any )

Make a loose ponytail,kind of making it to the side..Not 80s to the side,but to the side so someone standing straight infront of you can see it(if you have sidebangs[like i do] then i would put it opposite of your bangs).
Then open up your ponytail,and stick a bobby pin straight down into the ponytail. You can pull it so its tight,and this hairstyle is very fun looking(:

♥ Cute Side Braid
-; Hair Elastics ( Any )
-; Spray On Shine Spray ( Hask PURE Shine Spray- On Luminator)

This is a very simple and easy hairstyle(: You dont have to starighten your hair, your natrual hair would also look good. First,just bring all your hair onto one side,and start a braid on the side. After youre done with the braid, take an elastic and secure your braid. You may want to leave your bangs out(if you have them,i do), or you could twist them back. (: Again, spray on your shine spray.

♥ Sleek and Straight
-; Spray On Shine Spray ( Hask PURE Shine Spray- On Luminator)
-; Flat Iron ( Chi- but you can use any )
-; Heat Protectant ( TRESemme Heat Tame Spray )
-; Spray On Shine Spray ( Hask PURE Shine Spray- On Luminator)
-; Hair Brush ( Any )
-; Bobby Pins ( Any )

I wear my hair down a lot. Before you start, plug in your flat iron. While its heating up, spray on some heat protectant. i use TRESemme. After spraying it on, brush through your hair. Start straighting your hair. When you are done, you can either:
-Leave your bangs out(i have them,so yeah).
its cute,and simple. I do it atleast 2 times a week!
-Or, twist your bangs back. Start with a small piece of your bangs,and as you work your way back,grab more pieces. I love this look(:
-Or,braid your bangs back. I do this atleast once a week, and i love it! Dont do a french braid,just a regular. Take your bangs and some longer pieces,and do a braid back. When your done, secure with bobby pins(:
For all of them, spray a shine spray when youre done.

♥ Half Up Half Down
-; Hair Brush ( Any )
-; Clip or Elastic ( Any )
-; Spray On Shine Spray ( Hask PURE Shine Spray- On Luminator)

I think everyone knows how to do this, but whatever(: This hairstyle would look great either curly,wavy,or straight(: First, brush your hair out.Starting from your crown, take the upper layer or upper part of your hair,and pull it back with a clip or elastic. I think a clip would look less childish and cuter(: Spray some shine spray & youre good to go(:

♥ Cute Curls
-; Curler ( Any )
-; Heat Protectant ( TRESemme Heat Tamer Spray )
-; Spray On Shine Spray ( Hask PURE Shine Spray- On Luminator)
-; Hairspray ( Pantene PRO- V Hairspray )

I did this hairstyle today&i think its really cute&girly. Plug in&turn on your curler. Apply a heat protectant. Section off your hair into as many sections as you want. I ussually do small, ones, so i have alot. After your curling iron is heated you may start curling. Hold the curling iron vertically, and curl small sections at a time. Spray each curl with hairspray so they stay. Then, take your bangs and twist them back and secure with a bobby- pin. You may want to do another spray of hairspray.

you likee? i hope.♥

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Haul: Hollister&Claire's.

So my birthday passed recently..well it was on august 2Oth,so yeah..And i got a Claire's giftcard for $20,so i decided to spend it.
I got 4 necklaces,3 pairs of earrings,a bracelet,a necklace for my best friend,and a necklace for my sister.
And i also went to hollister.
I dont go there alot so yeah..I got 2 tops,both were navy.
Kaee so here are the Picturess(:

Sunday, August 16, 2009

for someonee.. ♥

okay so shachi* you wnted me to write here it is.

hiiii.i'm talk on the phone with jesus** too much.
bye now.
maybe i'll write something later.

*for all of you who dont know, shachi is my older sisterrr.shes 2O.
**no,i dont mean jesus as in jesus christ,you losers. he's this dude that my sister talks to. alot. and he's probably going to read this because my sister told him to. how well do i know her?lol.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Peek Inside My Closet.. ♥

So alot of people on Polyvore were asking what kind of clothes are in my closet..So i decided to make a post about it..Here are just some of my favorite things i have;;

Skinny jeans..I love skinny jeans!I have countless pairs of them!I usually go to Delia's for them,since theyre always buy one get one 50% off..!

Tshirts..white,black,navy,yellow,turqoise,and more!I love to wear tshirts wnder cardigans with a belt,or with skinny jeans!Theyre super comfy&cute..And that brings me to...

Cardigans..i have so many!Grey,black,brown,ect!They go with any and every outfit!

Babydoll Tanks..theyre so cute and i love them!Aeropostale,Abercrombie,Hollister,and many more stores have them!I ussually get mine from Aeropostale though (:

Dark Nail Polish..dark blue or dark purple..i loveee that color!if you go to forever 21,theyre only 3 bucks!

Converses..ive had them for a long time now,and im still loving them!I got black so i can wear them with anything!You can also design your own at !

Moccasins..brown is the key color!But you can also get black,blue,pink,and even purple!I have dark brown ones,from Rack Room Shoes!

Sandles..i mean gladiator sandles,and thong sandles..I have silver thong sandles from Old Navy and i loveee them!You can dress them up, or down..!

Some stores i love;;

Aeropostale..they have all sizes,from xs to xxl!Their tshirts are cheap and cute,and i love their tanks/cami's!

Delia's..their jeans are a bit pricey,but i love them!I have like 5 pairs of skinny jeans from there!And plus theyre always buy one get one 50% off!

Abercrombie..their tanks&camis are really pretty!I love them!

Hollister..ahh i love that their tops(:

Forever 21..i dont really shop there,but they have the best accecories (: like,i got nailpolish for only 3 bucks!

And that would be it.. (:
If you have any comments or opinions please comment (:

001.A New Wardrobe.. ♥

Im gonna start doing tips on heree..

So heres my first one;;

A New Wardrobe..

01.When youre shopping for clothes,you should definately wear something you love,and know you look good in!People who dress blah,or crappy when they go shopping tend to buy unneccasary things (:

o2.Next time you go shopping,bring a friend..When you try on clothes,come out and show her..That way you know if you would be comfortable wearing it infront of people..Tell her to rate it from 1-10,10 being the best..If she gives a good score,think to i really need this?How many times am i actually going to wear this?What can i wear with this?Ect..

03.If youre shopping for jeans,before going into the dressing room take one size bigger, one smaller,and your size.That way,you(or your friend) dont have to keep running out to get a different size.

o4.Here are some 'Must Haves' for your wardrobe..If you dont have any of these,the next time you go shopping buy them..They could go with anything!

White T-Shirt...i got mine from aeropostale,there only $10!

Skinny Jeans...theyre cute,and would go with anything!I go to delia's,theyre always buy one get one 50% off!

Ballet should get black,white or maybe brown..That way you dont need to get 10 different pairs to match each,white,and brown go with most things!

Babydoll Top...adorableee!They would look good on anyone,and go with almost anything!Abercrombie ha cute ones!

Cardigan...since most schools dont allow just tank tops,and if you wanna wear one to school,if you have a cardigan you can throw one over it!Add a cute belt to make a nice outfit (:

Well thats it for now..Check back later,and i might have added more!

i got a blog on heree (:

well hello theree everyone (:

i gotta blog and ill update it alot,
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hahaa thankss (;