Sunday, September 27, 2009

Back to School Must Haves.. ♥

Back to School Must Haves ♥

♥ Flowy Tops- i love them! theyre supercute(: forever 21,abercrombie,aeropostale,and alot more places have them..i personally like forever 21's the best..superr cute!

♥ Skinny Jeans- theyre my fave(: i have a bunch of them.. i LOVE forever 21's&delia's..pacsun also has some cute ones..but forever 21 is the cheapest,you can get a pair for like 12 bucks!

♥ Floral Dresses- lol,they sound summery,but theyre really cute for fall! i would wear one with a cardigan&flats (:

♥ Cardigans- i love them. end of story. lol(: i have one in brown,black,&grey.very cutee.♥

♥ Plain Tshirts&Sweaters- i have like a million of plain tshirts&sweaters..they go with anything& would be super cutee with skinny jeans&a scarf (:

♥ Necklaces- i lovee them(: i have SO much of them(: forever 21 has cute ones(: you can find alot of nice stuff from there..

♥ Bracelets&Earrings- i dont really wear earrings that much but you can wear them(: a bunch of bangles with a ribbon would be really cute(:

♥ Shoes- i love alotof shoes so i didnt wanna make a new '♥' for each one of i rreally love black flats,uggs,converse,sandles,and stuff(: black flats go with almost anything&theyre real cutee.. and ssandles,i mean like these;;|womens%20shoes|womens%20sandals|all%20sandals| &|womens%20shoes|womens%20sandals|all%20sandals| .. theyre really cute(: for boots,i really like dont have to get those,but i think theyre cutee(: steve madden has some REALLY cute shoes.i love all of them. so if your looking for good shoes go there(:

♥ Scarves- i like ones from forever 21&pacsun,but delia's,abercrombie,hollister,&american eagle have cute ones too(: they go with anythinggg!so get one(:

♥ Nailpolish- you dont always hafta have it on,but its always a cute accesorie(: navy blue/dark blue,coral,purple,and any shade of pink are really cool colors for now(: