Friday, November 27, 2009

dress like; ashley tisdale(:

dress like; ashley tisdale(:
dress like; ashley tisdale(: by rachnaaa. featuring Giuseppe Zanotti shoes

kaay(: i love ashleys style. &i love her as a brunette. hah. i'll be doing alot of these tonight, if you guys like them(: lets get started.
i'll be doing her makeup, hair,&outfit.

you dont have to have these exact items, they're just similar or exact to what ashley's wearing. the key pieces in this outfit are the ripped jeans, the black leather jacket, and the open toe booties. you can add any flowy white tank, and a long gold necklace. if you dont like to wear booties, maybe wear converse, or something to make the outfit your own.

exact jeans:

ashley's hair has nice, bouncy curls. part your hair to the side, like ashley's. then, apply a heat protectant. heat up a 1" curling iron, and start curling vertically. curl one way, then another, so the look looks natural. after every few curls, spritz some hairspray. after your done curling, your hair should look something like this(:

oh!&tell me if you like ashley better as a blonde or brunette. i like brunette(:

the funnn part(: ahah. ashley has a sun- kissed tan to her body& face, so if you dont have tan skin, then apply bronzer to your face. she has esspecially bronze cheeks, so intensify the bronzer on your cheeks. eyes. ashley usually does a nuetral eye, so thats what you want to do. first, pat a shimmery tan/ light brown eyeshadow all over your lid. then, take a shimmery bronzey color, and apply that to your crease. use a matte highlight color, a light light tan, or something that matches your skintone to highlight your browbone. now, take a dark brown pencil eyeliner, and line your upper lashline, focusing more on the outer corners. now, mascara! you can use either a brown, dark brown, or black mascara, it just depends on your hair color. if youre a brunette, or have dark hair, then i suggest dark brown or black. but if you're a blonde, maybe just brown. but its up to you. okay, so now its time to do the lips. first, apply a nude lipstick to your lips. then, take a nude/ light pink gloss to make it a polished look. youre done!

hopee you enjoyed. if you want me to do more, please comment below(: