Saturday, November 28, 2009

tip OO5; school makeup bag essentials

okaee. so alot of you who bring makeup to school bring unneccasary things,, like all the makeup you wore everyday. i personally dont think you need to bring your whole eyeshaddow quad or whateverr.. because theres no need to touch it up. it usually stays on. so yeah(:

choosing your makeup bag;
- pick a small one. you dont need a huge, giant bag that you have to lug aroundd all day.

what to bring;
- something thats gonna brighten up your eyes, like a shadestick. to put in the inner corner of your eyes, in the middle of the day if you looks tired.

- mascara. definatelyy! bring black, or brown. you dont need to bring the full size one, bring a sample or a mini. if you dont have any, go to a MAC counter or sephora, or even ulta. ask for samples(: they give you loads of samples(:. i use define a lash by maybelline in the green tube. its amazing(:

- mini eyeliners. again, bring samples or mini eyeliners. dont bring liquid eyelinerrs! pencil. i like urban decay& maybelline.

- chap stick. you definatelyyy need one! to keep your lips soft(: i always put a chap stick under m lipgloss or lipstick. burts bee's is nice.

- nude gloss.. or a light pink. always put chapstick on first, to prevent your lips from getting chapped. shiny things, in this case, your lipgloss, attract sunlight. then your lips get superr chapped and you dont want that to happen.

- concealer. maybe to touch up through out the day if you have any blemishes or suchh. i dont use/ need it, but if you need it then definately keep one with you.

- deodorant.. self explanitory.

- hand sanitizer. to keep your hands nice&clean. with all thesee sicknesses going around, you need hand sanitizer. i heard that after applying it 3 times, the next time, just wash your hands.

- mini perfume samples. maybe for after pe/ athletics. for 7th grade (athletics), its 7th period& for 8th grade(athletics) its 1st period.. so maybe you might wanna spritz it on your neck, wrists, and on your body.

- small mirror. again, self explanitory(:

- a few hair ties, and bobby pins. you neverr know when you'll need them. its always good to keep them with you.

thats it, for mee(:
i keep my makeup bag in my locker,. then take it to athletics withh me. in my athletics locker, i keep a hair brush, a body spray, and ofcourse my clothes/ shoes.
i hope you enjoyedd this tip.(: