Friday, November 27, 2009

tip OO4; fall(&winter) fashions.

fall fashions.♥
here are some things that are really in(:
-; bombers. i lovee these&i want onee! theyre really cute, and versatile. you can pair one with a white flowy tank, skinny jeans, and suede boots.try basic colors like black, dark green, or brown(: delias have some really cute ones,but you can get one anywhere.
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-; peacoats. these are also reeally in for fall. i might get one(: there nice&warm if you live in the cold. or anywhere,lol(: you can wear it with boots&skinnies(: ones from american eagle&delias are adorablee. there are two styles; cropped, normal, or long. i like all(:
example/. ;

-; suede boots. i have a grey pair. there soo cutee! the steve maddens are soo cutee! i love these. you can pretty much wear them any way. tucked into skinnies, a flowy tank, and a long sleeved cardi.stick to neutrals, like grey, black, or brown(:
example/.|womens%20shoes|womens%20fall%20trends|suedes| ;,target_com_age,target_com_gender-bin,target_com_character-bin,price,target_com_primary_color-bin,target_com_size-bin,target_com_brand-bin&refinementHistory=target_com_primary_color-bin,subjectbin,target_com_age,target_com_gender-bin,target_com_character-bin,price,target_com_size-bin,target_com_brand-bin&searchNodeID=1038576&field_launch-date=-1y&searchRank=relevancerank&searchPage=1&field_keywords=suede%20boots (the ones i have. i swear,they look better in person. they look EXACTLY like the steves.(:!)

-; uggs. there arre so many styles! the classics, cardis, ect. i love both of them(: you can get short,medium,or long. i like short or medium but thats just mee. again, do neutrals like chocolate, chestnut, black, ect. you can wear them any wayy!(:
example/. ;

-; cardigans. i have alot(: you should get brown, black, grey, or even plum or dark blue. i have black, brown, &grey. even the vest cardis are cutee(: you can get them like anywhere, abercrombie, delias, ae, or even target. how you can wear them; any way! with bootcut jeans,a tanktop,&flats or with skinnies and boots.there are many more ways(:
example/. ;

-; skinnies. ive talked bout these alot,enough said. i think you know what they look like. you can get them at delias(where i do,plus there always bogo 5O% off),pacsun,hollister,ae,a&f,ect(:

-; flowy camis.again,these are really in for fall. i have a bunch of thesee! there really cute(: you can pair one with a cardi,skinnies,and some cute accesories(: also, you can tuck one into a high waisted skirt and poof it out a little bit. these are found anywheree, like hollister, abercrmbie, aero, forever 21, ect!(:
examples/. ;

-; tees/boyfriend tees.i love these&i have alot. you def. need a white vneck/whatver neckline tee. and a grey one. these are basics(: also,boyfriend tees. these are real cute,and i want one or two. i saw one at hollister and kohls. the pocket makes it looks cute(: how to wear it..with skinnies&flats, or jeans&boots..any way!you can get one pretty much anywheree.. nordstorm, pacsun, delias, hollister, kohls, ect. or a boyfriend tank.samee(:
examples/. ; ; ;

-; high waisted skirts. im sure youve seen people wear them,and in stores. forever 21 has adorablee ones! and american eagle. love thesee(: i love to tuck thsirts/tanks into thesee(: cuttee!(:
example/. ;

yeeahh.i have more,but i dont feel like writing aall of themm.lazy :p . well onto the next part(:

must haves;
- tshirts
- lace.
- skinnies
- bootcut jeans
- bomber jacket or a peacoat
- suede boots
- layering tanks
- rings!

- ugg style boots
- cardigans.
- long sleeved shirts
- sweaters.vneck or scoop.
- high waisted skirt/or dress.
- blazer.
- racerback tank.
- flowy camis.
- ballet flats
- thong sandals.
- cute tops/cami's
- licenced tee
- PLAID! days of the week(:

- monday.
a long sleeved cardi(dark brown), a flowy tank(cream), white/light colored belt(put over cardi), dark wash skinnies, dark brown suede boots. this is a really cute outfit&i love it. you can change any of the colors, thats just what i suggested.(: or instead or suede boots, you can do uggs(: for jewelry, add a long vintage necklace.

- tuesday.
do a simple vneck(white), little gold necklace, bootcut jeans(ink rinse), brown moccasins. you can also change up the shoes to ballet flats or something(: add some cute earrings,or studs(:
optional- you can add a vest cardi,and ditch the colored flats instead.

- wedensday.
change it up a bit. a high waisted skirt(floral?), and a white tee tucked in. add a belt. thong sandals will be real cute(: dont go overboard on the accessories, just do a small necklace and maybe detailed earrings?(: add a cute bow headband.

- thursday.
skinny jeans.(: boyfriend tee,striped ( shoes,add white vans(,or thong sandals.actually,you can do anything. since the top is striped, dont do any necklaces. maybe a pair of cute earrings(:

- friday.
casualll. do a licensed tee/any random tee or a baseball shirt. wear medium blue skinnies and fold them up two times. converse,or white vans will make the look versitile(:

- saturday.
partyy!ahahaa jk. but,you can do a fun outfit if your going somewhere. wear dark wash skinnies, a tight white/cream-y waffle knit tank with an army green one under, and add a bomber,brown,or army green. then do suede boots. it depends what color bomber you yeaah. brown,black,grey,ect! add a simple necklace&a flower ring(:

- sunday.
do a simple comfy but cute outfit(:
add a cute cami,with design.(: i suggest one from forever 21 or hollister / abercromie.(: add a cardi,long sleeved if cold and 3/4 if warm-ishh. you can also roll up the sleevs,for a very versatile look. then put on a pair of comfy jeans and add ballet flats. you can accessorize with some rings&cute dangly earrings.(:

i hope you enjoyed this,i worked hard on it.♥